Itachi And Sasuke

Itachi And Sasuke

Naruto, an anime about the ninja way of life consisting of Several emotions connected whether it is love, hate, friendship all of these emotions are greatly expressed in the series. Sasuke Uchiha is a cool-looking badass character living with the purpose of revenge against its one and only brother Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke was born in the Uchiha clan which is famous for its bloodline limit Sharingan. Sharingan allows its bearer to copy the movements of a ninja and its ninjutsu and Uchiha clan famous ninjutsu which is a fireball technique in which Sasuke is skilled.

Itachi, a mysterious-looking character appearing at the beginning of the series looks like a villain associated with a shady organization. In Beginning To Sasuke, Itachi was a kind and hero type material whom he wanted to surpass. Itachi sometimes trains Sasuke when Sasuke was a child and it was also the time he thinks of his brother as a hero. Since their father was busy with work Sasuke shows his effort and training results to his brother. So all in all it was a lovely bond between the two brothers transcending from love to respect. But all of this changed when Itachi Uchiha massacred all of the clan members and his parents. The whole tragic scene was engraved into the eyes of the hiding Sasuke child and scarred him for his whole life


The tragic scene of your parentā€™s murder. The young Sasuke, unable to do anything was shaken to heart and followed his brother seeking an answer but to no avail. Itachi had gone from the village from this the seed of hatred and revenge was planted into the heart of Sasuke and it grew more day by day. Sasuke a young boy now with only one objective to get revenge against his brother met different people and members of his team 7 Naruto, Sakura, and their instructor Kakashi. Sasuke met his brother again when Itachi and his companion return to Leaf Village and Sasuke Fueled with hatred dashed towards Itachi but Itachi beat him to the ground.


In Naruto Shippuden, the sequel of Naruto, Sasuke appeared with a whole new look and has become more powerful, and Itachi on the other hand is lurking with Akatsuki hunting the Jinchurikies.

Sasuke has lived his life for the sole purpose of killing his beloved brother. In Shippuden, Sasuke Killed Orochimaru as his Purpose of getting and training was fulfilled. Sasuke with his Companions who were under Orochimaru Formed a Group and left to get his revenge. Meanwhile, the true well-wishers of Sasuke Naruto, Sakura, and all Leaf Village friends continue the strive to save Sasuke. The Tragedy Day when Sasuke fought with Itachi Finally came. The Fight was so Epic wIth overwhelming strength and power Sasuke used his cursed seal and Chidori to fight while Itachi with Mangekyou Sharingan traped Sasuke with Genjustsu But Sasuke broke out from it by using curse seal power. Itachi was also exhausted by the use of Sharingan but when he saw that Sasuke has Grownup and became Powerful he used the never-ending Flames Amaterasu a deadly Justsu Sasuke Suffered a lot from it.

Sasuke perceives a voice of Orochimaru in which he offers the power and Eight giant Snakes appeared out of the cursed seal and used the lightning from the atmosphere as a final attack. Sasuke thought Itachi is finally finished he was standing there with the legendary Power of Mangekyou Sharingan Susano Itachi killed the remains of Orochimaru and snakes and fall due to overuse of power. Itachi was drenched with blood and then comes the heart-piercing scene Itachi used the last essence of his life to come near Sasuke and touch his forehead with two fingers.

The final words of Itachi to Sasuke were:

 ā€œYou don’t ever have to forgive me and whatever you do from here on out, know this, no matter what, I will love you alwaysā€

These words display the depth of his love for Sasuke. Even Sasuke still ignorant of the real story was stunned. Sasuke fulfilled his lifelong purpose but yet he felt empty like something is wrong. Akatsuki member Obito Uchiha disguised with the name Tobi tells Sasuke about the real story behind the actions of Itachi. Itachi was a member of Anbu, a top group of skilled ninja formed by Leaf village. Itachi fulfilled all his missions successfully and was top-notch. The Uchiha clan members were planning to start a war with the Leaf Village and planning to take hold of all world Itachi with a true sense of justice and responsibility wanted to stop it his friend Uchiha Shisui helped him and gave Itachi his eyes.

Itachi then suppressing his emotions and feelings, he internally massacred the whole Uchiha Clan his parents were aware of it and they allowed themselves to be sacrificed for peace their only wish was to take care of Sasuke. Itachi did all this to prevent war and became a villain in his brother’s eyes for making Sasuke strong. Such a series of continuous sacrifices and suppression of emotions is Tragic but amazing and at the same time. Upon learning all the truth about Itachi, Sasuke’s life was turned up and done he has been living a whole life resenting his big Brother who was a true hero.

Imagine living a whole life of resentment and then realizing your resentment was based on lies. Sasuke sense was twisted and he decided to destroy the Leaf Village and then building it from scratch again by becoming a Hokage of the Village

Sasuke awakened Mangekyo Sharingan right after this realization. Sasuke met his dead brother when Kabuto Orchimaru disciple cast Reanimated on Itachi. Sasuke filled with questions followed a reanimated Itachi and asked him about the truth Itachi admits that it is the truth.

Itachi regrets that if he had approached Sasuke from the beginning and explained everything to him he might have become something other than a villain. It was Itachi’s greatest regret. Sasuke asked why he spared him when the rest of the Uchiha Clan was Massacred. Itachi spared Sasuke because he was a child, ignorant of the Uchiha Clan’s destructive intent. Itachi wanted Sasuke to follow the right path but since Itachi did not try to explain things to Sasuke he thought he can not expect him to do the thing he wanted so he said:ā€ I will always love whatever Path you chooseā€.

Reanimated Itachi bid his final farewell to Sasuke his only Brother with a smile and some regrets

Sasuke’s biggest regret was that he killed his most beloved Brother in ignorance of the truth, And his brother alone had to bear the hate and sin of all the departed souls of massacred people. Sasuke curses his ignorance and wishes things were different. When reanimated Itachi was saying his farewell to his brother, Sasuke remembered the time when his brother came home from the mission and he was desperately waiting for him with more progress in training. This was the best time and Sasuke wished It would have continued. But time never returns and we can not do anything.

ā€œBy The Act of Living Sadness Piles up Here and There

The sacrifice of Itachi for the protection of his Village and his beloved brother is something that can not be forgotten in the entire Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. For me, the brotherly bond between Sasuke and Itachi transcends everything. Sasuke’s character development is greatly influenced by the death of Itachi and even more upon learning the truth behind Itachi’s actions. Even though Itachi left the world but he was also satisfied when he met Naruto, Sasuke’s rival and his savior. He left the Salvation of Sasuke to Naruto and he believed that nothing could stop naruto from saving Sasuke. Itachi sees his old friend Uchiha Shisui who sacrificed his eyes for the village in Naruto. Sasuke after the farewell of reanimated Itachi still decided to destroy the Leaf Village he could not forgive leaf village for putting Itachi through such a tragedy. Itachi’s last gift to Sasuke was Naruto a true friend which could turn even the destined fate by believing in his Ninja way. The Final Battle between Naruto and Sasuke took place in the Valley of End and all the resentment, hate, and negative emotions ended here. Sasuke could not resist Naruto’s will and after a deadly fight, he finally acknowledges him and remembers his late brother and became Naruto’s right-hand man for the protection of the village which his brother Itachi Uchiha saved a long time ago.

Sasuke and Itachi’s Brotherly bond compels us to think that protection and salvation of anything come with greater sacrifice and struggles but with patience and power of will and sticking to one Ninja way of life result in Peace and Prosperity.