Life Lessons You Have Never Thought You Can Learn From Naruto

Life Lessons You Have Never Thought You Can Learn From Naruto

Have you thought about how anime can change your life? How? You ask. By teaching you a couple of life lessons. You must realize after hearing some character’s stories your personality changed or you start to treasure things you hadn’t before. It is especially true for long-running series like Naruto Shippuden. You don’t believe me, just continue this article and you may finish it surprised, but be aware of spoilers if you haven’t watched this wonderful series.

But first, let’s see what this series is about for those who may forget or for those who have never watched this series. This anime is happening in the world where everyone can use chakra and with this chakra, they can use different types of ninjutsu like fireball or Naruto’s famous wind technique: Rasengan and they can also use genjutsu with chakra which is for attacking an opponent chakra system and finally there is taijutsu which is basically using martial-art. This anime main character Naruto Uzumaki is an orphan who was hated by everyone because the frightening Nine-Tails is sealed inside him. But he still managed to make some friends, even the gloomy Sasuke became his friend. But one day, Sasuke got an offer for more power by Orochimaru, so he left the village and became a rogue ninja. The reason for this is that he needs that power to kill Itachi, his big brother so he can get his revenge for Itachi massacring his whole clan. The main objective for Naruto is to bring back Sasuke, his best friend to his village, Leaf Village, and make Team-7 full again.

So I want to start with one of the life lessons which Naruto tries to teach Sasuke in the whole series seemingly unsuccessfully. Which is

“Don’t let your revenge hide everything else from you, see through your revenge, and see others thing which is important in your life”.

Sasuke’s family, friends, and clan were killed by Itachi. But Itachi let him live. So Sasuke swears himself to take revenge on Itachi, no matter what. The only problem with this he doesn’t care about anything else, just to be strong enough to kill Itachi. He doesn’t care about friends, love, or any other relationship and the worse thing is that he also doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions or what he would do after he finished his revenge. This is why he accepts Orochimaru’s offer for more power even though he knows if he accepts his offer he became a rogue ninja who would be wanted by Leaf Village. Naruto accepts the fact that for Sauke this revenge is very important he just wants him to know that there are other important things in life and while his revenge may be important, it is not that important to break his bond with his friends. Naruto continuously wants to teach these to Sakuke even when he tries to kill several times. Naruto has never given up on his friends to teach there is another thing in life than revenge. For example, a pink-haired girl who would do anything for you. A girl named Sakura. So boys and girls even if you are very passionate about something don’t let it take your whole life. Take some time for your friends and maybe some time to relax a little bit.

The second life lesson that I want to talk about is

“Work is important and it is important to follow your workplace rules but when it comes to family or friends those should be overwritten.”

These lessons can be learned by Kakashi and Obito. When their teammate, Rin got kidnapped while they are on an important mission, Kakashi wanted to continue the mission while Obito wanted to save Rin. First, if we examine this situation, we have to include the fact that they were fighting a war so of course when they are on the mission, the mission itself takes high priority and of course everyone should know that and also that this is highly dangerous missions which may take someone life. This is why as a matter of fact Kakashi’s decision is more logical than Obito’s. But of course, on the other hand, we are talking about life here more precisely about Rin’s life. So this thing should overwrite any rule. I think no one would like it if Kakashi and Obito would let Rin die only to finish the mission and of course, Minato wouldn’t be happy either, only the higher-ups who would be happy because they may be closer to win the war. I just let you think about this a little so next time when there is danger and you have to ignore a rule (any rule) to save someone from an injury you won’t even hesitate what should you do.

Now let me talk about one of the most motivating characters inf this franchise: Rock Lee. Rock Lee is a ninja who can’t use either ninjutsu or genjutsu, so he can only rely on taijutsu. Basically, he is very fast and can hit hard but in the world ninjas where some of them can make fireballs or can transfer your mind to another world is not enough And Lee realizes this very soon but he doesn’t want to give up on the ninja life. He wants to prove that to the world that he can be one of the best ninjas in the world only using taijutsu. He fails a lot of times, losses a lot of battle against other ninjas, but he doesn’t give up, he thinks every failing means that he needs to train more. He doesn’t let anything let him down and he refuses every thought about giving up. This can motivate everyone who has some big dream but gives up on the dream on the very first obstacle he/she finds. If you are really passionate about something don’t let anything or anyone stop you. If you fail it means you need more time to practice and learn. So take your time practice and go fight again and if you fail again then go back to practice.

One of the most important lessons you can learn from Naruto is the importance of friendship. So this is why I should highlight the life lessons which is

“You can always rely on your friends.”

Because yes, most people like to do things alone, especially when this thing is their own problem or it can be dangerous. But even though if you can’t do it alone, you can ask your friends for help in the worst-case scenario, they would decline the help. But this will never happen, so don’t worry. This has never happened in the Naruto universe. For example when they scouted a team for rescuing Sasuke. They ask for help from people who have nothing to do with Sasuke or may even hate him, but for that mission, they needed any available ninja, and, in the end, yes, they failed the mission but if Naruto would go alone he would most definitely die. So don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help when you need them.

Finally, the most common life lesson from Naruto Shippuden is the famous saying:

“Never Give up!”

from the main character himself, Naruto Uzumaki. Of course, you can use this advice in a lot of ways, like don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give up on friends but the most interesting here is

“Don’t give up doing it the hard way because there is a convenient easier way to do it”.

Let me explain this to you. When Sasuke became a rogue ninja and did a lot of awful things, Naruto could have killed Sasuke (of course with a little help from others) so he could have solved this Sasuke problem easily and we got 60 episodes instead of 500. In the end, it was very good for us, Naruto chose the other, so we can get our anime, but you can also learn from this a lot. Naruto had an easier solution but he chose to save his friends from his revenge madness, even though he knows this would be almost impossible and takes a lot of time while in it Sasuke can do a lot of unforgivable things, like joining the Akatsuki and killing a bunch of people. But if we take back to Rock Lee, he could have chosen not to become a ninja so he would have a much easier life. And so on there is a lot of example like this from this anime. So if you have to choose between a hard way and the easy way to do something but for the easier way you have to sacrifice something important to achieve your goal at least think about if it worth it. Most of the time it won’t worth it, so go on the hard way, you may struggle but in the end, it will worth it. If you don’t trust me, you will trust Naruto, wouldn’t you?

There is a lot more life lessons from Naruto Shippuden like

“Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts”

which we can learn from Naruto in a lot of fights or

“People can change”

which we can learn from Nagato, Obito, or Sasuke or

“People is not that bad as we first think”

which we can learn from Itachi Uchiha. And there is a lot more. This series has a bunch of characters and they all have their back story and personality which is usually have one or two good life lessons which we can learn from. Maybe you haven’t even realized you started to follow this character’s advice, but I hope now you know some 2D character from some anime changed your world view. Have a nice day.