Naruto and Gamabunta the Giant Toad 5 Panel Naruto Shippuden HD Print Oil Painting Modular Wall Art


Size 0Size 1Size 2Size 3
No FrameWith Frame

Size 0:
10x15cmx2, 10x20cmx2, 10x25cmx1
[4x6inx2, 4x8inx2, 4x10inx1]

Size 1:
20x35cmx2, 20x45cmx2, 20x55cmx1
[8x14inx2, 8x18inx2, 8x21inx1]

Size 2:
30x40cmx2, 30x60cmx2, 30x80cm x1
[12x16inx2, 12x24inx2, 12x32inx1]

Size 3:
40x60cmx2, 40x80cmx2, 40x100cmx1
[16x24inx2, 16x32inx2, 16x40inx1]

Medium: Oil
Material: Canvas
Technics: Spray Painting