Hatake Kakashi Double-Sided Sexy Ninja Peach Skin Throw Pillow Case


34x100cm 2 Way Tricot34x100cm Peach Skin40x120cm 2 Way Tricot40x120cm Peach Skin50x150cm 2Way Tricot50x150cm Peach Skin50x160cm 2Way Tricot50x160cm Peach Skin60x170cm 2 Way Tricot60x170cm Peach Skin60x180cm 2Way Tricot60x180cm Peach Skin

Hug, squeeze and press strongly against your heart your favorite anime characters!
Add the stuffing inside and you’re ready to go.
Machine washable.

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Double-side Printed Anime Pillow Cover Case
Material: Polyester Peachskin
Thread Count: ≥600s
Feature: Eco-friendly
Grade: Grade A
Fabric Count: 60